Love Tradition - Display and Sale of Romanian Art Furniture

4th July 2011

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The Ratiu Foundation hosted on the evening of Monday 4 July 2011 the private view of an exhibition of Romanian folk-inspired art furniture by Black Bird Creators.


The founder of the group, furniture designer and painter Simona Stoicescu, talked about the inspiration behind the works on display. Simona also talked about the creative process by which - together with her friend, sculptor and designer Oana Gyarmath - Black Bird Creators brought to life a series of functional art objects which sometime include vintage, authentic pieces of traditional Romanian folk costume, combining tradition and modernity. Simona was introduced by author, historian and curator Dr Mike Phillips OBE, convenor of the Culture Power series, who also questioned Simona about some of the pieces of furniture on display. A wine reception followed.

Video by Gabriel Haidau