'Entropy. A Photographic Project about Romania' by Tudor Prisacariu

15th November 2007

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Thursday 15 November 2007 7.00 pm -  9.00pm | The Romanian Cultural Centre, 8th floor, 54-62 Regent Street, London W1B 5RE; Tel. 020 7439 4052,

Admission Free but booking is essential at   mail@ratiufamilyfoundation.com



Romania is currently undergoing a complex transformation process which has a dramatic impact on all aspects of life. Besides the shift in mentalities, the landscape is the aspect which is being irreversibly transformed. This process is most visible in cities, but can also be observed in rural areas and other parts of the country. As a result, I believe that there was a need to impartially document the current Romanian landscape in its totality. This was critical both from a historical point of view and also for gaining a better understanding of the complexity of the transformation process itself. Entropy is an attempt to achieve a better understanding of Romania as it really is in 2007. It is an alternative to similar initiatives such as 'Eterna si fascinanta Romanie' or 'Romania  Fabulospirit' which present an old and idyllic version of the reality in which Romanians currently live. Until now, the project has covered over 30 locations from all over the country. (Tudor Prisacariu) Selected images and the project's website will be shown during the presentation. This project was made possible with the support of the Ratiu Foundation. Tudor Prisacariu graduated from Richmond, The American International University in London in May 2007, earning a First Class Honors Degree in 'Creative Arts & Communication. Art, Design and Media with Combined Studies' and also a second degree in 'Computing Engineering'. He is currently based in Bucharest, working as a freelance photographer and designer. In 2006, he created camera80.ro (translated room80), an online photography gallery showcasing the work of young Romanian photographers. Today, the project features the work of 27 artists and the first camera80 exhibition is currently taking place in Bucharest. Tudor has exhibited his work both in London and in Bucharest. He is also the webmaster of the Romanian Cultural Centre's website. Organised by The Ratiu Foundation UK & The Romanian Cultural Centre in London www.ratiufamilyfoundation.com www.romanianculturalcentre.org.uk