Strawberries and no Cream. Ceausescu's 1978 visit to London | An exhibition by Florin Ungureanu

10th December 2012

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On Thursday, 6 December 2012, The Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre London hosted the private view of Strawberries and no Cream. Ceausescu's 1978 visit to Londo - An exhibition by Florin Ungureanu

Thank you to all our guests who joined us for the event. We were more than happy to see how interested people were in the subject of the exhibition as well as the artworks. Florin Ungureanu offers us a detailed account of Ceausescu's 1978 visit to London, transforming a historical chronicle into a new narrative on how political and economic considerations may often take precedence over human rights.

The archives of Ion Ratiu (1917-2000), an important Romanian democracy campaigner, philanthropist and businessman served as the backbone documentation for this exhibition. Along with the artworks, we put on display various copies of files from the Ratiu Archives used in order to document the exhibition, along with some emails exchanged between Nicolae Ratiu, Dennis Deletant and Florin Ungureanu regarding both the creative process and the historic narrative. Soon, these documents will be made available online. 

Photo credits: James Rice