Site and Vision by Tudor Prisacariu

23rd September 2006

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Thursday 5 October 2006, 18.30 – 20.30 The Romanian Cultural Centre, 8th floor, 54-62 Regent Street, London W1B 5RE; Tel. 020 7439 4052, ext 102; e-mail: "This presentation is about delivering something new: First of all, there is the brand new website of the Romanian Cultural Centre in London. The new site will enable the Cultural Centre to better serve its audience, enabling the RCC to deliver information easily. Besides the new, updated design of the website, a search feature was introduced for those who want to take a better look at the past activities of the RCC. The other thing that is new is a fresh vision on contemporary Romanian realities. Through photographs, I would like to give everybody the occasion to see Romania through the eyes of a new generation of artists. Until we meet face to face, you can find out more about me by visiting my web site at and" (Tudor Prisacariu) Tudor Prisacariu: Born on the 7 of November 1984 in Bucharest. 1999 – 2003, The National College of Computer Science “Tudor Vianu”, Bucharest 2001, the first photo + is born From 2003, Tudor is a student at Richmond University, London. Degrees: BA (Hons) Creative Arts & Communication. Art, Design and Media with Combined Studies; BS Computing Engineering From 2005 – webmaster of the Romanian Cultural Centre’s webpage February 2006 – first photo exhibition – ‘Wait…’ at Galeria Noua in Bucharest. This presentation is part of the CULTURE POWER program which is initiated by the Ratiu Foundation UK and designed for students and scholars interested in exploring the development of Romanian culture. The program consists of a series of seminars focused around a presentation followed by a constructive dialogue with an invited audience. Organised by The Ratiu Foundation UK. Details on