UK Premiere | Decoding Dacia: Romania's Lost Heritage

29th May 2013

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On Friday, 24 May 2013 RCC hosted the screening of Decoding Dacia: Romania's lost heritage feature documentary by Nicholas Dimancescu.

The UK Premiere was introduced by Dan Dimancescu.

This 50mm documentary was originated by Nicholas Dimancescu and edited by Kyle Brandse as a Kogainon Films Production in partnership with National Geographic Magazine (Romanian Edition). 

The documentary revisits the unresolved question of Who were the Dacians? and focuses on the Roman Emperor Trajan's six-year long two military campaigns against Dacia and its King Decebal between 101 and 106 AD. The documentary is not a literal history but an attempt to link past (who were the Dacians) to the present (what is the legacy) visible in the core regions of the Dacian Kingdom surrounding Sarmizegetusa, its centre of power and sanctuary. Featured are first-ever 3D reconstructions of Sarmizegetusa, the Dacian sanctuary capital, Trajan's enormous bridge across the Danube River, dramatic illustrations by noted artist Radu Oltean, and all new video footage and an original music score. The screening was followed by a short panel discussion with Dr. Irina Marin (University of Oxford) and Dan Dimancescu. 

The reception was kindly sponsored by Deli Twist.

Photo credits: James Rice

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