Book launch: 'State Property - My cold-war memoir' by Mariana Gordan

25th June 2013

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On Thusday, 25th of June at RCC, Mariana Gordan launched her book, 'State Property', a touchingly beautiful piece of micro-history told through the experience of a young girl whose only wish in life was to be taken seriously as an artist, but instead, her works got her into serious political trouble.

In 1979 Mariana narrowly escapes a 30 years sentence in a Communist jail to her safety in Britain where she lived in exile until 1989. State Property distinguishes itself by its fierce honesty and anecdotal storytelling, giving a great insight into the life under Communist Dictatorship. The book stands as a witness for the artist's journey of what she became today.

Mariana Gordan is a Romanian born artist living and working in London, UK.

Her works span across various mediums such as painting, sculpture and film. For more details, please visit her website at

The book launch was followed by  a reception sponsored by DeliTwist.

Photos by Voichita Judele

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