No One Belongs Here More Than You | Performative Reflections on Eastern Europeans

18th July 2013

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On Thursday, 18th of July we presented two comedy skits highlighting attitudes some people have regarding Eastern Europeans and prefer to conceal behind an awkward smile

1. On the Line: Media | Concept/ text/ devised by A News Thought

50% of Britain will be Eastern European by 2018. On May 3rd 2012 an article is released by the renowned publication he World of News, propagating fear and unnecessary race hate with its foretelling of an immigration invasion soon to hit Britain. On The Line: Media takes the form of a news broadcast show, we meet the guests and we hear the parts they had to play in this story. Expect hard-hitting journalism, radical facts and figures and many lists of three.

2. Eastern European for Dummies - Is It About Sex-Trafficking? |Concept/ text/ devised by There There

Devised as a museum piece consisting of two live exhibits, Eastern Europeans for Dummies leads the audience through the story of the pair by an audio recording of a museum guide narrator. Drawing from guides such as How to speak English in Two weeks and For Dummies books, the piece blends thought-provoking facts about Eastern Europeans as a cohort with satirical elements that place the show on the border between offence and comedy. Revolving around the idea of public display and public identity it mashes up preconceptions of Eastern and Western Europeans alike in the hope of revealing glimpses of the failed multiculturalism.

Photos: Voichita Judele 

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