Fluid Perceptions - an interactive photo exhibition by Serban Scrieciu

18th October 2012

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On Thursday, the 18th of October 2012 we hosted the private view of FLUID PERCEPTIONS - Interactive photo exhibition by Serban Scrieciu

The series of photographs was taken in recent years in post-Communist Romania and features also two works by Loredana Bruma. The exhibition oscillates between the slow paced rhythm of the village, with its vanishing identity, and the Romanian urban space, forever in transition, with its seemingly transforming geometry, both suspended in time. Somewhere is the thematic silver lining: waiting for the time that never comes, of quietness, tranquility, and nostalgia for something never quite experienced yet not completely unfamiliar, a sense of profound longing, better perhaps captured by the Romanian word 'dor'.

Escaping those usual discursive traps, the photographers eliminate the glass walls behind which images are typically encased, and invite visitors to interact with the works by leaving their own interpretations and word associations on the card mounts. Another kind of subjectivity may emerge and new narratives on society's developments may form through the public's participation.

The exhibition is part of ROUNDTABLE PROJECTS

Photo credits: James Rice