HOME | Alina Serban's performance at RCC

28th November 2013

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On Thursday, 28th of October we presented Alina Serban's performance HOME [rehearsed reading]

"Home is where I learned how to walk. Home means eating melon and sunflower seeds outside. Home is where I feel safe and loved"

Every year people from all over the world leave their homes and come to... London. That almost mythical place beyond the rainbow, where all their dreams could come true, a place they wish it could become their home one day. If you grow up in one place and live in another, where is your home then? What happens when your home becomes a place of permanent threat and danger? 

Strongly autobiographical, HOME features personal stories - sometimes tragic, sometimes comical, investigating what feels like to live in London as a foreigner; or indeed as someone whose home is London but who feels foreign and alienated nonetheless. Conceived by Romanian performer Alina SerbanHOME brings together an international company of artists who believe in collective creation and collaboration.

ALINA SERBAN was born to a family of Roma in Romania and overcame tremendous hardships to achieve her current status, a graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. In the spring of 2009, as student at The National University for Performing Arts in Bucharest she undertook a course at The Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Alina took part in various performances, amongst them UK's Parabola production of "Pericles, Prince of Tyre" and "I declare on my own risk", presented both in Bucharest and in London.

HOME PROJECT COMPANY: Alina Serban, Ery Nzaramba, Alin Balascan, Hannah Johnson, Pia De Laborde, and Cesar Cuyami Mesari

Photos credits: James Rice

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