RCC Christmas Party | Christmas Cozonaci & Monooka's Caravan

13th December 2013

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On Friday, 13th of December we had the pleasure to present Monooka's Caravan concert and to sell one of the best Romanian traditional sweets, Cozonaci from Deli Twist.

We are so happy and grateful to have collaborated with a lot of talented artists, performers, researchers, writers, directors and many more, who made our year an exciting one. Also, we are thankful to Deli Twist for all the delicious products they served at our events.

It is hard to keep the list short since there are so many people who helped us out throughout 2013 and we would like to acknowledge their efforts and dedication.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank all of you who came to our events, curious to find out more about Romanian culture and interested in making RCC a more lively, young and fresh place, where people around England (especially London) can come together and celebrate diversity.

As a thank you gift, we have invited the lovely MONOOKA'S CARAVAN to play for us, while serving delicious Christmas cozonaci from DELI TWIST and good wine. Deli Twist also had a Christmas stand, selling tasty cozonaci, fursecuri and other exquisite Romanian products.

Thank you all for coming at our Christmas Party!

Photos credits: James Rice

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