ZICALE | ROMANIAN SAYINGS : Photo exhibition by Voichi Judele

13th February 2014

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On Thursday, 13 February 2014, Romanian Cultural Centre London started the New Year with an exciting photo exhibition by Voichi Judele called ZICALE | Romanian Sayings. Part of Roundtable Projects, the exhibition proposes a new way of understanding Romanian culture through the medium of proverbs and photography.

As a community project, ZICALE | ROMANIAN SAYINGS is addressed to everyone, independent of their nationality, who might like to engage in a conversation about collective and personal cultural traits and representations. We like to think that Romanian proverbs are a vivid mirror of our people's sense of humor, wisdom and wit, and we are taking this opportunity to hear your thoughts. Join us, participate, comment and ultimately get to know who we are a little bit better.
VOICHI JUDELE is an anthropologist by training and, at the same time, she feels animated by a natural curiosity to decipher the essence of life as lived. While fascinated by the relationship between people and phenomena, Voichi engages her technical skills with the desire to portray people, communities and connections in the raw light of their existence. She approaches her subjects with a certain sensitivity which opens up the opportunity to tell their stories accurately, as it is expressed through their eyes or own words.
Roundtable Projects is an open platform for cultural projects developed in partnership with the members of the Romanian community in the UK. For more details about this programme please visit our website at www.romanianculturalcentre.org.uk/

The exhibition runs until 28 February 2014 Opening hours: Mon - Fri,11.00 am - 6.00 pm ADMISSION FREE
Photo credits: James Rice