Fundraising Concert for Project POD

6th March 2014

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Thursday, 6th of March we had the pleasure to host a beautiful concert in support of ASHFORD PLACE - a community advice and support service based in North London, facilitating positive change for individuals, amongst them Romanians, through the provision of a range of programmes including; housing, health, training and employment.

The talented duo BOGDAN VACARESCU (violin) and VICTORIA WALKER (cello) has perform a special classical recital. The evening also included a series of short presentations given by speakers who have been intensely involved with a large group of migrant workers in London as well as a short film directed by LUCIEN LAWRENCE about the Romanians in Cricklewood, North London.

Launched by Ashford Place, PROJECT POD aims to open a much needed debate on the problems many Romanians face when arriving in the UK, especially those coming from areas characterized by poverty and unemployment.

Please keep on supporting Ashford Place in their endeavour to provide support for vulnerable Romanians, in order to facilitate their entrance to the labour market and access to relevant services which could enable them to be independent and, thus, promote a positive image of Romania.

There are various ways of getting involved in this project:


Let us know of any AVAILABLE HOUSING

Inform us of any JOB OPPORTUNITIES for Romanian nationals

DONATE directly to Ashford Place by following THIS LINK 

Thank you to Rares Timofte for kindly contributing to this event by donating one of his works, 'Mozart'


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