Romanian Artist Silviu Pascalin within Illumini Show

4th September 2008

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4-17 September 2008 Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London NW1 2BA Free Admission, all welcome. Opening times: daily 11.00-19.00. Opening Night: Thursday 4 September, 18.00-21.00. Romanian Artist Silviu Pascalin will take part in the Illumini Show curated by Jane Webb, which will be on show at the Crypt Gallery in London. An electrifying new exhibition with a difference, starting with a opening night on the 4 September, which is complimented with a full evening of free live entertainment from fire performers, stilt walkers, jugglers, light shows, and performance artists, working with illumination taking place through out the crypt. This is no PV night, this is an evening where everybody is welcome. Illumini will not just showcase art it will entertain, introducing all communities that may not normally visit the arts to a different approach. Illumini brings together a variety of artists, all sharing a passion for the subject of light. Set in the famous St Pancras crypt, these impressive pieces of artwork come to life in this unusual building. Come along to experience the illuminatory and dazzling effect this diverse collection of artwork has on the crypt’s dark environment. Travel down abandoned corridors and venture into secret recesses to explore a wide variety of artwork. The pieces range from photographs and paintings depicting light, to sculptural works that literally glow; at once transforming the crypt’s murky and shadowy atmosphere like never before. Illumini was supported through a grant of the Ratiu Foundation. Details on